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Dino Rosin was born in Venice, Italy on May 30, 1948.
His family moved to the glassmaking island of Murano when he was only two months old. At the age of twelve, he left school and began work as an apprentice at the Barovier and Toso glass factory where he remained until he joined his brothers, Loredano and Mirko, at their factory, Artvet, in 1963.Dino continued to work at Artvet until 1975 when he moved to Loredano's newly established studio as his assistant. There Dino collaborated with his brother for almost 20 years.

He was Loredano's right hand in the "piazza" and a master in his own right in cold work. In 1988, Dino Rosin was invited to Pilchuck Glass School in the state of Washington to teach solid freehand glass sculpture with Loredano and the American glass artist, William Morris.

Then in 1992, Loredano met an untimely death in a boating accident. Dino assumed the role of "maestro" and began single-handedly to produce his brother's old designs and ultimately his own. His skillful use of "calcedonia" glass is unique and makes his pieces recognizable and highly collectable.Dino Rosin uses the ancient technique of "calcedonia" coloration for his glass works of art. Each sculpture has its own unique coloration, not to be duplicated. Colors range from bright yellows to deep purples,varying on the metals used, temperature and duration of the glass in the furnace. There are many styles to choose from but no two are ever identical.In Dino Rosin's works, the designs are similar but colors will always vary.

Dino Rosin's work is shown in many galleries throughout the United States. His first personal appearance tour in America in 1993 was a great success and he has continued to visit galleries to much acclaim. He has made several gallery appearances through the States, culminating in a one-man show at the prestigious Corning Museum in Corning, New York.
Small Flame in calcedonia glass info Pyramid info Whale tail by Dino Rosin info Pebble on base. info Sculpture bowl info Sculpture bowl info Sail boat by Dino Rosin info Pebble info Composition by Dino Rosin info Anchor by Dino Rosin info Low Anchor by Dino Rosin info "Pebble bowl" info Ikebana bowl by Dino Rosin info Piano info Aphrodite & Adonis by Dino Rosin info Maternity by Dino Rosin info Relax by Dino Rosin info Saxophone by Dino Rosin info Sphere with flower and calcedonia by Dino Rosin info Symbiosis by Dino Rosin info Mermaid by Dino Rosin info Turtle by Dino Rosin info Pebble vase by Dino rosin info Walking by Dino Rosin info Big Flame in calcedonia glass info "Ciottolo Lamp" by Dino Rosin info Maternity by Dino Rosin info Maternity by Dino Rosin info Electric Guitar by Dino Rosin info Balancing rocks by Dino Rosin info Triple balancing rocks by Dino Rosin info Elisyr by Dino Rosin info Young Lovers by Dino Rosin info The Low Kiss by Dino Rosin info The High Kiss by Dino Rosin info Manta Ray by Dino Rosin info Cobra with diamond by Dino Rosin 669 info
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